It was decided to sell the long-awaited item,Action Figure of SLAM DUNK finally!

『SLAM DUNK』  Inoue Takehiko
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Kiminobu Kogure Complete Figure  *New
[Release Date] September or October ,2019
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Kiminobu Kogure away game
special limited ver.(white color uniform)   *New
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Hisashi Mitsui Complete Figure  *Resale

Hanamichi Sakuragi Complete Figure  *Resale

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slam dunk action figure

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slam dunk action figure

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『SLAM DUNK』Kiminobu Kogure Complete Figure

It was decided to sell the long-awaited item,Action Figure of SLAM DUNK finally!

Mr.Takehiko Inoue,the auther of SLUM DUNK,supervised himself, 『SLAM DUNK』 Kiminobu Kogure Complete Figure is decided to sell finally!! He spork very highly of its quality…please be satisfied with this Action Figure!!


<Details of the item>
●Name 『SLAM DUNK』  Kiminobu Kogure
Complete Figure  
●Name of the work SLAM DUNK
●Price 10,580YEN (about $98)
●Date of sale About late October,2019
●Stuff etc. PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride) / The finished and
/ With pedestal
●Height About 240mm
●Weight 1,500g
●Supervision Takehiko Inoue (Auther of [SLUM DUNK] )
●Mold producted Tsuyoshi Suzuki
●Producted MIC Co.,Ltd.

※Postage is besides.
※ Reserved items will be shipped individually.
※Shipping cost contains "handling fee" and "carrier charge."
※This product is the advance order item,so we’ll send you after
   starting selling.
※We’ll stop selling as soon as the order reaches the expected

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slam dunk action figure

This site is linked by the official one!!

This site is the only site of selling SLUM DUNK figures for overseas linked by the official site of Mr.Takehiko Inoue ( ) You SLUM DUNK fans of foreigner will be able to buy rare goods without worrying imitations and frauds.

※This site is linked from the caption in UPDATE
    UPDATE & INFORMATION,12.11.08「It was decided to sell the long-awaited item,Complete Figure of 『SLAM DUNK』Ryota Miyagi finally! 」